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What Everyone Is Saying About Us

Chef Didier Durand is one of Chicago's most celebrated chefs. A favorite of the media for his joyful, French personality and his longevity on Chicago's dining scene, he has been the subject of countless newspaper, radio and television interviews, always repeating his motto: Good Food Makes People Happy!

So will this farm food still be from a French perspective?
Maybe not. But I definitely will stay away from foam and nitrogen and molecular anything. Never embraced it, never did it and never will! None of my dishes will have smoke coming out of a pillow, revealing some microscopic thing that could look like food but is not. My style is to feed people, not to have them crave for food when they leave a restaurant.

...Chef Didier Durand, who has upheld classic French cooking in Chicago for nearly 30 years, would like to erect one of the classic statues — featuring a person from the shoulders up — to honor the most influential chef of his time: Charlie Trotter....

For all the big-four holidays, you can leave it to Chef Didier of Cyrano’s fame. Fully cooked multi-course goose dinners available for pickup for the holidays. Also, you can order patés & rillettes, breads & morning pastries, vinaigrettes, soups & prepared dinner entrees, cheeses & more. To reserve yours, check out the entire menu here.  Chef Didier’s Cyrano’s On-The-Go is located at Polo Cafe, 3322 S. Morgan Street in Bridgeport, Chicago. Email for more info here or call 773-620-3986

Chef Didier Durand, who has taunted opponents of foie gras in the past, is now planning a small museum about the controversial specialty.

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